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Lock Rekeying In Decatur

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Trusted Lock Rekeying Service in Decatur

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient lock rekeying service in Decatur? Look no further! Our professional lock rekeying service provides you with the utmost security and convenience.

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or experienced changed tenants, our experienced technicians are here to assist. Our lock rekeying maintains the integrity of your existing locks while ensuring that unauthorized access is prevented. We have the latest tools to rekey your locks more efficiently, saving you time and cost for replacing the entire lock.

We provide our customers with the perfect key and ensure old keys no longer work. Trust us to provide you with a perfect lock rekeying service in Decatur.

Lock Rekeying in Decatur

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Why Lock Rekeying Takes the Lead Over New Locks


Lock rekeying allows you to keep your existing lock hardware and eliminate the need for lock installation. It saves your time and causes minimal disruption to your routine tasks.


If you are satisfied with your current locks’ design, style, and aesthetics but want to change the access key, lock rekeying is the best option.


Rekeying can be effective when restricting access to previous key holders. It ensures that old keys no longer work with the rekeyed lock.

Time Efficiency

Rekeying locks is quicker than installing new locks. This allows you to save time to focus on other tasks.


Lock rekeying is cost-effective as it does not involve the change of entire hardware; instead, the internal configuration of the existing lock is replaced. Therefore, comparatively, it costs less than new locks.

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Lock Rekeying

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What is lock rekeying?

Lock rekeying is a process in which the internal components of a lock are adjusted so that a new key can operate it.

Will my old keys work after the lock rekeying process?

Once the lock rekeying process is complete, your old keys will no longer operate the lock. You’ll be provided a new set of keys exclusively compatible with the rekeyed lock.

Is lock rekeying as secure as installing new locks?

Lock rekeying ensures that only individuals with the new set of keys can access the lock, providing a similar level of security as installing new locks.

Can all types of locks be rekeyed?

Most traditional pin tumbler locks can be rekeyed. However, some high-security or specialized locks may have limited rekeying capabilities.

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Reasons to Pick Us

Affordable & Transparent

Opting for our lock rekeying service is a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire locksets. We offer affordable and budget-friendly lock rekeying service with no hidden fee or extra charges.

24-Hour Emergency Services

We are ready to assist our customers with any emergency lock rekeying needs for any unexpected lock-related issue in Decatur.

Local Presence

As a trusted local provider, we are familiar with the unique security challenges in Decatur. Our understanding of the local geography allows us to offer the perfect solutions that Decatur’s community wants.

Customer Satisfaction

We have maintained a positive track record for years. Our multiple satisfied customers are proof of our quality service. We are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.